Controlled Lighting Class Final Alternates 1 & 2

 ”Newtonian (2014)”

Analytical (2014) “

An extension of my final project (relating to Quantum Mechanics), exploring an artistic interpretation of anothermajor mechanical sub-field within physics, Classical Mechanics.


Taylor McCormick is a teen photographer born in Edgewood, Kentucky, who moved at the age of two in John’s Creek, Georgia. She is currently a freshman student in Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. At only nineteen years old, she has already created some very captivating images, which make one think of a daydreamer’s world. While many photographers can go over the top with this type of images, McCormick uses a more subdued approach to her creation. Through an involved and self-driven process, she matured from a high-school student with a camera and a rich imagination into a gallery-sponsored artist, traveling to Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York and Los Angeles for her work. Her artistic journey may be defined by the same word used to describe most of her published images: “dreamlike”. Nonetheless, her works present a wider range of stylistic nuances: from scenes dominated by a fairy-tale atmosphere to unsettling images reminiscent of the Romantic Gothic Revival. Her works were recently featured at the Affordable Art Fair (spring edition 2013) in New York. (via)

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